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[[Image:Terror From The Skies.jpg|thumb|''Pre-release Cover'']]
[[Image:Terror From The Skies v2.jpg|thumb|''Actual Cover'']]

'''Publisher:''' [[Chaosium]]

'''Product Code:''' 23128

'''Publishing Year:''' 2012

'''Pages:''' 144

'''Cover Price:''' $22.95

'''Author(s):''' [[Colin Hart]]

'''Artist(s):''' [[Marco Morte]] (pre-release cover), [[Kenneth Solis]] (release cover), [[Pedro de Castro Araújo]]

'''Setting(s):''' [[Classic]] England

'''Format(s):''' Softcover and PDF

'''ISBN:''' 1-56882-367-3


'''Campaigns:''' The chapters in this book are linked to form the [[Terror from the Skies (Campaign)]]

* [[Terror from the Skies: A Whitby Vampire|A Whitby Vampire]]
* [[Terror from the Skies: The North York Moors|The North York Moors]]
* [[Terror from the Skies: Durham Cathedral|Durham Cathedral]]
* [[Terror from the Skies: Cardington|Cardington]]
* [[Terror from the Skies: Newcastle|Newcastle]]
* [[Terror from the Skies: Aftermath|Aftermath]]
* [[Terror from the Skies: The List|The List]]
* [[Terror from the Skies: Heliowall|Heliowall]]
* [[Terror from the Skies: The Graf Zeppelin|The Graf Zeppelin]]
* [[Terror from the Skies: The Last Leg|The Last Leg]]

'''Additional:''' Introduction and handouts

==Front Cover Text==
A Race to Save Humanity from a Dark Future

==Back Cover Text==
'''Terror From The Skies'''<br>
A Race to Save Humanity from a Dark Future

THE LOVECRAFTIAN MYTHOS is populated by many creatures, both singular entities such as Cthulhu and Hastur, and creatures who number in the millions. The shan are an ancient, insect-like alien race fleeing a destroyed homeworld. Forced into a nomadic life they are scattered throughout space. Aeons ago a number of shan arrived on Earth, but certain properties in our sun’s light weakens them. Trapped, these first arrivals fell into idleness and decadence, acting only by seeping into the sleeping minds of human beings.
In TERROR FROM THE SKIES, bretheren of those first shan have come to Earth, vigorous and agressive, not yet weakened by our sunlight. Their insidious plan threatens the elimination of the human "infestation" and the founding of a new shan homeworld.

In ''Terror From The Skies'' investigators partake in a race to save the earth from malevolent creatures. Set in 1920s England, this adventure is rife with plot twists, mini-adventures linked to create a sizable campaign, and formidable foes. Investigators are lured into the campaign with a tale of local mystery, which slowly unfolds into a heart-pumping time-sensitive race for humanity!

This campaign intertwines historic events with mythos themes, creating an interesting and captivating experience for keepers and players alike. ''Terror From The Skies'' includes 10 chapters, an array of interesting NPCs, and a variety of maps and handouts. 128 pages.

==Comments / Trivia==

* [ Review by Pookie UK on Reviews from R'lyeh]
* [ Review by Alex Lucard on Diehard GameFAN]

==Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only==
'''Players should not read any further.'''


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