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==What's On This Page (And What's Not)==

These are Cthulhu Mythos-themed solo games.

More specifically ...

'''Mythos-Themed:''' This category includes games featuring the [[Cthulhu Mythos]]. This category does not include games that contain a mention of the [[Cthulhu Mythos]] but are not generally Mythos-themed. (Yes, ''Illuminati'' has "The Servants of Cthulhu." No, that doesn't make it a Mythos-themed game.)

'''Solo Games:''' This category includes games are designed for play with a single player or have rules for play with a single player. For role-playing game supplements, this can mean either scenarios with just one player and no Keeper (usually written in the style of the old <i>Choose Your Own Adventure</i> or <i>Fighting Fantasy</i> books), or it can mean scenarios with one Keeper and one player. For boardgames and miniatures games, this can mean games designed specifically for a single player, or it can mean games that include single-player rules but that can also be played by more players. For video games, this means games that are designed to be played by a single player.

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'''This Page, Organized Differently:''' Sortable lists of these games can be found at the [[Solo Games]] page.

'''Other Games:''' If you don't see what you're looking for here, try [[:Category:Board Games]] or [[:Category:Video Games]].

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