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[[Image:World War Cthulhu - SOE Handbook.jpg|thumb|''Front Cover'']]

'''Publisher:''' [[Cubicle 7]]

'''Product Code:''' CB71942

'''Publishing Year:''' 2015

'''Pages:''' 128

'''Author(s):''' [[Scott Dorward]], [[Martin Dougherty]]

'''Artist(s):''' [[Jon Hodgson]] (cover and interior), [[Scott Purdy]]

'''Setting(s):''' [[World War II]]

'''Format(s):''' Softcover and PDF

'''ISBN:''' ???


The Special Operations Executive were tasked with some of the most daring and dangerous covert actions of the Second World War, from sabotaging power plants to establishing resistance cells in occupied Europe. Yet for the agents of Network N, fighting the Nazis is just one part of their war…

Drawing from real Special Operations Executive training materials and catalogues, the SOE Handbook for World War Cthulhu presents players and Keepers with a wealth of information about combat techniques, tradecraft, the ungentlemanly art of sabotage and the sometimes bizarre weapons and equipment developed for Britain’s secret war. Plentiful sidebars translate these techniques and items into Call of Cthulhu game mechanics. The book is also peppered with notes from the mysterious N, steering members of his network through the added complications of applying this knowledge to battles with more eldritch foes.

The SOE Handbook also presents details of a selection of SOE training facilities and the sometimes eccentric personalities who may be encountered there. This allows the Keeper to include mission-specific training, along with the occasional side mission on home soil, as part of their campaign.

'''Sections in the book:'''

* Introduction
* Combat (firearms, assassinations, heavy weapons, hand-to-hand, disarming, etc)
* Espionage (intelligence gathering, stealth, spy networks, etc)
* Communications (radios, codes, propaganda, etc)
* Irregular Warfare (tactics, recon, demolitions, ambush, surveillance, etc)
* Weapons and Equipment (explosives, incendiaries, concealed items, etc)
* Appendix A: SOE and Network N Training Establishments
* Appendix B: Handling SOE Training In Game

'''Scenarios:''' The book contains no scenarios

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