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[[Image:Ye Booke of Monstres, Vol 2.jpg|thumb|''Front Cover'']]

'''Publisher:''' [[Chaosium]]

'''Product Code:''' 2358

'''Publishing Year:''' 1995

'''Pages:''' 58

'''Cover Price:''' $11.95

'''Author(s):''' [[Scott David Aniolowski]], [[Marion Anderson]], [[Phil Anderson]], [[Bill Barton]], [[Fred Behrendt]], [[Larry DiTillio]], [[Phil Frances]],
[[Clif Ganyard]], [[Geoff Gillan]], [[Ed Gore]], [[Steve Hatherley]], [[Keith Herber]], [[Kevin W. Jacklin]], [[J. Todd Kingrea]], [[Doug Lyons]], [[Randy McCall]],
[[Kurt Miller]], [[Sandy Petersen]], [[Kevin A. Ross]], [[Michael Szymanski|Mike Szymanski]], [[G.W. Thomas]], [[Lynn Willis]]

'''Artist(s):''' [[Eric Vogt]] (cover), [[Earl Geier]]

'''Setting(s):''' Non-specific

'''Format(s):''' Softcover and Scanned/OCR PDF

'''ISBN:''' 1-56882-052-6

This book contains a collection of new Cthulhu Mythos creatures for use in ''Call of Cthulhu''. Whereas the previous volume in this series focused heavily on monstrosities drawn from Mythos fiction, this volume is far more oriented around creatures invented for Chaosium's ''Call of Cthulhu'' scenarios. The volume also includes a few monsters created specially for this book.

The books is divided into the following sections:
* About Monstres,
* Chaosium Pronounciation of Mythos Names (sidebar),
* Creatures of the Mythos (fifty-nine Mythos entities/monsters; names of entities listed below),
* Composite Index (being a master index of all monsters included in the 5th Edition rules plus this compendium and its predecessor)

==Montstres Described==
The following creatures/entities are described in ''Ye Booke of Monstres, Vol 2''

{| cellpadding="8"
| [[Children of Abhoth]] || [[Gloon]] || [[Denizens of S'glhuo]]
| [[Aihais]] || [[Gnorri]] || [[Shades]]
| [[Arwassa]] || [[Spawn of Hastur]] || [[Gof'nn Hupadgh Shub-Niggurath|Blessed of Shub-Niggurath]]
| [[Baoht Z'uqqa-Mogg]] || [[Hell-plants]] || [[Nyarlathotep|Skinless One]]
| [[Nyarlathotep|The Beast]] || [[Beings of Ib]] || [[Space Eaters]]
| [[Black Sphinx]] || [[Minions of Karakal]] || [[Star Mother]]
| [[Cthulhu|B'Moth]] || [[Larvae of the Other Gods]] || [[Thralls of Cthulhu]]
| [[Bouchers]] || [[Lilith]] || [[Tomb-Herd]]
| [[Butterfly-Dragons]] || [[Nyarlathotep|Lrogg]] || [[Children of Tsathoggua]]
| [[Cthulhu|Chorazin]] || [[Martians]] || [[Ubb]]
| [[Cloudbeasts]] || [[Miri Nigri]] || [[Unspeakable Possessors]]
| [[Guardians of Crystallizers of Dreams]] || [[Nug and Yeb]] || [[Vibur]]
| [[Deep One|Deep One Hybrids]] || [[Spawn of Nyogtha]] || [[Voors]]
| [[Desh]] || [[Orryx]] || [[Nyarlathotep|Wailing Writher]]
| [[Dho-spawn]] || [[Ossadagowah]] || [[Wenelians]]
| [[Fireworms]] || [[Phosphorescent Monsters]] || [[Xo Tl'Mi-Go]]
| [[Fractal Creatures]] || [[Proto-Shoggoths]] || [[Children of Y'golonac]]
| [[Yog-Sothoth|Fractal Yog-Sothoth]] || [[Robigus]] || [[Zoogs]]
| [[Fthagghua]] || [[Sebek]] || [[Zoth Syra]]
| [[Ghadamon]] || [[Degenerate Serpent Folk]] ||  

==Front Cover Text==
The Aniolowski Collection, VOLUME II

More Nightmares for Call of Cthulhu

==Back Cover Text==

The Aniolowski Collection, VOLUME II

'''All About Monsters'''

This volume contains dozens of new races and individual creatures for use with the ''Call of Cthulhu'' roleplaying game. Included here are the following categories: Outer Gods, Elder Gods, Great Old Ones, Great Ones, Avatars, Servitor Races, Independent Races, Fabulous Creatures, and Unique Entities.

These monstrous creations have been collected from over ten years of favorite ''Call of Cthulhu'' scenarios; others have been created specifically for this book. The darkly imaginative work of a diverse group of authors is represented here. Where possible each entry begins with a quote describing the monster or entity. Where much about the creature is known, there may be an additional description. If discussing a god, Great One, or Great Old One, notice of any human cult comes next. Further notes discuss habit, habitat, or attack.

An essential aid for players, investigators, and keepers.

''"I saw the form waver from sex to sex, dividing itself from itself, and then again reunited. Then I saw the body descend to the beasts whence it ascended, and that which was on the heights go down to the depths, even to the abyss of all being... The principle of life, which makes organism, always remained, while the outward form changed."'' - Arthur Machen, "The Great God Pan"

<line drawing depicting the flayed face of Scott David Aniolowski stretched over a Mi-Go brain case> <br>
Scott David Aniolowski (after his apprehension by minions of the Mythos)

==Comments / Trivia==
Chaosium published a previous book in this series, [[Ye Booke of Monstres, Vol. 1]], which similarly includes a collection of Mythos entities and creatures. Much of the material from these two books was combined and revised to form a still later book [[The Creature Companion]] in 1998.

Most of the material in this volume also appears in [[Malleus Monstrorum]] (which represents its most recent publication).

Dedication: "This is dedicated to my long-time friend Michael Szymanski who introduced me to ''Call of Cthulhu'' many years ago."


==Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only==
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