1920's Investigator's Companion, Vol. 2


Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2346

Publishing Year: 1994

Pages: 64

Cover Price: $10.95

Author(s): Keith Herber, Kevin A. Ross, Gregory Rucka, Gary O'Connell

Artist(s): Charlie Krank (cover), Earl Geier, Les Brooks

Setting(s): 1920s

Format(s): Softcover

ISBN: 1-56882-018-6


  • Part 1: On Becoming An Investigator,
  • Index of Occupations,
  • 1920s Occupations with Role Models
    • Adventurers and Daredevils
    • Arts, Creative
    • Arts, Performing
    • Athletics
    • Business
    • Clergy
    • Criminals
    • Journalism
    • Labor, Rural
    • Labor, Urban
    • Law Enforcement
    • The Legal Profession
    • The Medical Profession
    • Mental Health
    • Military
    • Politics
    • Scholarly Pursuits
    • Miscellaneous Occupations
  • Part 2: Skills for the 1920s,
  • Appendix A: The Professional Investigator,
  • Appendix B: 1920s Forensics.

New Rules

New Skills: Block, Roping, Disguise, Forensics, Hypnotism

Occupations described in 1920s Investigators Companion, Vol. 2

Accountant Film Crew Professional Athlete
Acrobat Film Star Professor
Agency Detective Fireman Prosecuting Attorney
Alienist Flapper Prospector
Ambassador Foreign Correspondant Protestant Minister
Antique Dealer Forensic Specialist Psychologist
Architect Forensic Surgeon Punk
Aviator Forger Rabbi
Bail Bondsman Gambler Radical
Bank Robber Gangster Radio Announcer
Barber Gardener Ranch Hand
Bartender Golf Pro Reporter
Bible Salesman Grave Digger Researcher
Big Game Hunter Hit Man Sailor
Book Dealer Hobo Salesman
Bookie Hooker Sculptor
Bootlegger Intern Secretary
Bounty Hunter Itinerant Preacher Shifty Accountant/Lawyer
Boxer Judge Shopkeeper
Burglar Laborer Skilled Tradesman
Bus Driver Librarian Small Business Owner
Catholic Priest Loan Shark Smuggler
Charismatic Cult Leader Lumberjack Soldier
Charter Boat Captain Madhouse Attendant Spy
Clerk Manager Stage Actor
Coach Marine Stage Hand
Cocktail Waitress Mechanic Stock Broker
Columnist Mercenary Streetcar Conductor
Company Officer Merchant Marine Student
Con Man Military Offier Stunt Man
Copy Writer Miner Surveyor
Counterfeiter Missionary Swimmer
Cowboy Mountain Climber Switchboard Operator
Deacon Museum Curator Talent Agent
Deep-Sea Diver Musician, Jazz Taxi Driver
Dentist Musician, Legitimate Teacher
Designer Nurse Technician
Dilettante Occultist Tennis Pro
Diver Orderly Thug
Editor Painter Track and Field
Elder Parapsychologist Trainer
Elected Official Pharmacist Traveling Salesman
Entertainer Photographer Treasure Hunter
Executive Photojournalist Undertaker
Explorer Physicians Uniformed Police Officer
Farm Hand Pick Pocket Union Activist
Farmer Plastic Surgeon Western Lawman
Federal Agents Police Detective Wrestler
Fence Political Boss Writer
Field Researcher Practicing Attorney Zookeeper
Private Eye

Front Cover Text

For the 1920s

Volume 2: Occupation & Skills

Volume 2: New Occupations and Skills for Call of Cthulhu

Back Cover Text

For the 1920s

Volume II

What, You Want To Live Forever?

Oh, just a little longer and a bit more pleasantly in the face of Mythos horrors. Let this book be your guide.

ON BECOMING AN INVESTIGATOR contains valuable tips that can help your investigator reach middle age, and possibly even to those golden years. THE OCCUPATIONS SECTION contains 140 different possible 1920s occupations for CALL OF CTHULHU investigators -- perfect for replacing that dearly-departed friend on-the-spot with the bar-tender or cabbie who witnessed the whole gruesome affair. 1920s SKILLS expands upon skills descriptions found in the 5th edition of CALL OF CTHULHU, including additional material involving the Roaring Twenties. APPENDIX A contains legal tips for the professional investigator. APPENDIX B describes the current state of science and forensics.

An essential aid for players, investigators, and keepers.

Comments / Trivia

This book is a follow-up to 1920's Investigator's Companion, Vol. 1 which was published in the previous year, containing source material focussed around society and technology of 1920s America. The contents of both of these books was later combined and reprinted under the title The 1920's Investigator's Companion.


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