Trail of the Golden Spike (Supplement)

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Publisher: Hero Games

Product Code: Hero 14

Publishing Year: 1984

Pages: 32

Cover Price: $##.##

Author(s): Aaron Allston

Artist(s): Stephan Peregrine, Elena Schott, Carolyn Schultz

Setting(s): 1920s

Format(s): Softcover


Chapter 1: A Timely Intervention,
Chapter 2: The Lady Tells her Story,
Chapter 3: The Big City,
Chapter 4: The Gold Spikes,
Chapter 5: Suspects and Victims,
Chapter 6: The Condor Moves In,
Chapter 7: Battle in the Condor's Lair,
Chapter 8: Optional Complications,
Chapter 9: Characters,
Chapter 10: Game Conversions.

Scenarios: Trail of the Golden Spike (Scenario)

Front Cover Text

Death Stalks the Lost Mine! A JUSTICE INC. adventure (#1) approved for use with Call of Cthulhu. CoC conversions by Steve Peterson.

Back Cover Text

List all the text on the back cover.

Comments / Trivia

This adventure set 4 to 6 players against the evil mastermind known as the Condor. The Gold Spike Mine, located deep in the Rockies, has seen a series of accidents and mishaps - all clearly intended to drive the owners away. Who is the Condor? Can the heroes rescue the beautiful Beth Whitley? To find out, the players will have to follow the Trail of the Gold Spike.

This is actually a scenario for Hero Games' Pulp RPG Justice Inc. which also includes statistics for running the adventure in Call of Cthulhu


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