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[[Image:Tales of Terror.jpg|thumb|''Front Cover'']]

'''Publisher:''' [[Pagan Publishing]]

'''Product Code:''' 2102

'''Publishing Year:''' 1996

'''Pages:''' 64

'''Cover Price:''' $9.00

'''Author(s):''' [[Steve Hatherley]] (editor) with [[Simon Taylor]], [[Lynne Wilson]], [[Robin Low]], [[Charles Ross]],
[[Hadley Connor]], [[Garrie Hall]], [[Eamon Honan]], [[M.J. Aylor]], [[Ric Norton]], [[G.W. Thomas]], [[Helen Rich]],
[[Shannon Appel]], [[Bill Dietze]], [[Allen Varney]], [[Joe Louderback]], [[Markus Huenemoerder]], [[Pete Wright]],
[[Matthew Grossman]], [[Jon Freeman]], [[Vince Vatter]]

'''Artist(s):''' [[Dennis Detwiller ]]

'''Setting(s):''' [[1920s]], [[Modern]]

'''Format(s):''' Softcover

'''ISBN:''' 1-887797-07-6

Contains scenario seeds, each with three alternative story paths.

* "Blown Glass" by G W Thomas
* "The Wall of Bones" by Helen Rich
* "Images of Doom" by Simon Taylor
* "A Discarded Parcel" by Hadley Connor
* "Grave Tidings" by Shannon Appel
* "The Book of Sand" by Charles Ross
* "The Tattoo" by Steve Hatherley
* "Dirty Curtain" by Ric Norton
* "High Fashion" by Eamon Honan
* "Suitable For Framing" by Bill Dietze
* "The Grainger Street Plates" by Lynne Wilson
* "Pest Trouble" by Allen Varney
* "The Scarecrow" by Hadley Connor
* "A Turn of Fate" by Joe Louderback
* "Buzzing" by Simon Taylor
* "The Hungry Woods" by Robin Low
* "The Mirror of Blood" by Charles Ross
* "Empty Streets" by Markus Huenemoerder
* "Birthday Presence" by Pete Wright
* "Cats" by Lynne Wilson
* "Pussy's in the Well" by Jon Freeman
* "The Desecration" by Hadley Connor
* "Unnatural Behaviour" by Steve Hatherley
* "Cop Killers" by Vince Vatter
* "City Fear" by Simon Taylor
* "Spaceman" by Eamon Honan
* "Mr Feste's Old Curiosity Shop" by Garrie Hall
* "The Last Carriage" by Robin Low
* "Strategic Industries" by M J Aylor
* "Virus" by Steve Hatherley
* "The City in the Skull" by Matthew Grossman
* "Safely Behind Bars" by Hadley Connor
* "The Odin Disc" by Charles Ross
* "Little Death" by Steve Hatherley
* "End of the World" by M J Aylor
* "The Fatted Calf" by Simon Taylor
* "Small Things Forgotten" by Bill Dietze
* "Man's Best Friend" by Pete Wright
* "The Weeping Madonna" by Ric Norton
* "Fear and Amnesia" by Matthew Grossman
* "Peverill Manor" by Steve Hatherley
* "Sylvia" by Charles Ross
* "Pharos" by Hadley Connor
* "Ghost Train" by G W Thomas
* "The Phenor Fragments" by Robin Low
* "Spare Some Change?" by Jon Freeman
* "Loving Spoonful" by Ric Norton
* "Fluke" by Charles Ross
* "Jenny Beckett's Ghost" by Lynne Wilson
* "From the (Spaces Between) Stars" by Hadley Connor
* "The Carpet" by Steve Hatherley
* "Ghost in the Machine" by Markus Huenemoerder
* "Period Pains" by Simon Taylor
* "Stray Cat Strut" by Garrie Hall
* "Drinking in the Blues" by Eamon Honan
* "Book of Bones" by Allen Varney

==Front Cover Text==
Scenario Ideas for Call of Cthulhu

==Back Cover Text==
List all the text on the back cover.

==Comments / Trivia==
This book should not be confused with the volume of the same name privately-published by Steve Hatherley in 1990 (which, with the exception of Garrie Hall's contributions, has entirely different content).


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