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[[Image:tales-of-the-miskatonic-valley-1991.jpg|thumb|''Tales of the Miskatonic Valley'']]

'''Publisher:''' [[Chaosium]]

'''Product Code:''' 2334

'''Publishing Year:''' 1991

'''Pages:''' 128

'''Cover Price:''' $18.95

'''Authors:''' [[Kevin Ross]], [[Scott David Aniolowski]], [[Geoff Gillan]], [[Richard Watts]], [[Keith Herber]], [[Erik Herber]], [[Todd A. Woods]]

'''Artists:''' [[John T. Snyder]] (cover), [[Blair Reynolds]], [[John T. Snyder]] ("[[Trail of Yig]]" illustrations)

'''Maps:''' [[Guz Dizerega]] (fold-out map), [[Petra Pino]] (interior maps), [[Carol Triplett]] (interior maps), [[Tony Santos]] (carnival map)

'''Project and Editorial:''' [[Keith Herber]]

'''Additional Editorial, Design, and Layout:''' [[Les Brooks]]

'''Cover Design:''' [[Charlie Krank]]

'''Copyreading:''' [[Amanda Lee]] and [[Anne Z. Merritt]]

'''Setting:''' [[1920s]]


* Introduction
* Scenarios:
** [[Freak Show]]
** [[Regiment of Dread]]
** [[A Painted Smile]]
** [[Watcher in the Valley]]
** [[Fade to Grey]]
** [[Trail of Yig]]
* Player Handouts

==Front Cover Text==
"Uncovering Forbidden Secrets in Lovecraft Country"

==Back Cover Text==
N/A (image of Nichols' Carnival poster)

==Comments / Trivia==
''This book is respectfully dedicated to [[S. T. Joshi]], [[Marc A. Michaud]], and [[Robert M. Price]], three of many whose untiring efforts have furthered the appreciation of [[H. P. Lovecraft]] and incidentally made my job much easier.'' — Keith Herber, November 1991

* [ Review by Eric Dodd at RPGGeek]
* [ Review by Gesine Stanienda at RPGGeek]

==Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only==
'''Players should not read any further.'''

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