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[[Image:Tatters-book-cover.jpg|thumb|''Front Cover'']]

'''Publisher:''' [[Chaosium]]

'''Product Code:''' 23104

'''Publishing Year:''' 2006

'''Pages:''' 232

'''Cover Price:''' $27.95

'''Author:''' [[Tim Wiseman]]

'''Cover & Interior Art:''' [[Ashley Jones]]

'''Maps & Plans:''' [[Antony Fentiman]]

'''Editorial:''' [[Lynn Willis]]

'''Layout & Production:''' [[Charlie Krank]]

'''Setting:''' [[1920s]]

'''Format:''' Softcover, PDF


'''Campaign:''' [[Tatters of the King]]

*[[Prologue: Opening Night]]
*Book I: The Madman
**[[The Madman (Tatters of the King)|The Madman]]
**[[A Walk in the Park]]
**[[Springer Mound & the Canal]]
**[[The Flight North]]
**[[To Walk on the Earth in Carcosa]]
*Book II: British Gods
**[[Talk of Goatswood]]
**[[Nug's Farm]]
*Book III: The Upper House
**[[The Brothers of the Yellow Sign]]
**[[The Viceroy of India]]
**[[A Thousand Miles]]
**[[To Drakmar]]
**[[The Upper House]]

'''Additional:''' Appendicies, Index

==Back Cover Text==
"It is October 1928. London is the capital of an empire covering a quarter of the globe and governing one quarter of the human race. The people busy themselves with concerns of politics and government, finance and production, work and recreation. How fragile things are. What ignorance there is.

There are those who engage in different persuits - wh would see an inhuman power come to Earth such that it would make mundane activity seems like a last twitch before dying.

Over this winter its taint emerges: the sensitive and the weak feel it first. Few know the source, but some welcome it unconsciously — finding in it an enexamined thrill. Artists’ work is strangely influenced, and they mine this vein of creativity. Many exhibitions this season feature similar images: a social gathering gripped by repressed panic; a lake or marsh cloaked in mist; a presence just off-canvas. New fiction and theatrical releases offer scenes of upheaval and confusion that never reach a climax. Seances and mediumistic exhibitions bring untoward results and end in disruption. Others feel new lines of communication opening; some claim God is talking to them.

All feel the lure of the stars."

==Comments / Trivia==
"Thanks to: David Castle, Michael Nilsen, Kalpana Patel, Isabella Pedrinelli, Lynn Willis"

"To: Ben but not Jonathan"


* - NPC Portraits
* - Handouts
* - Game Recoding

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