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[[Image:Spirits Over Arkham Cover.png|thumb|''Sprits over Arkham'']]

'''Publisher:''' None (Self published?)

'''Product Code:''' N/A

'''Publishing Year:''' 1987

'''Pages:''' 31 (Including front/back covers/maps)

'''Cover Price:''' N/A

'''Author(s):''' [[Terry White]]

'''Artist(s):''' N/A

'''Setting(s):''' [[1920s]]

'''Format(s):''' PDF

'''ISBN:''' N/A


'''Scenarios:''' [[Spirits over Arkham (Terry White Scenario)|Spirits over Arkham]]

'''Additional:''' Introduction, Map of region to the east of Arkham and north of Kingsport, Map of the Hoesynth House, Map of the Gargoyle Tower.

==Front Cover Text==
This scenario is intended for use with the Call of Cthulhu role playing system. The adventure itself is set in Massachusetts
in the year 1920 and is designed for a party of 2-5 players. The players should try to resolve this case by the use of stealth
and not rely upon the use of excessive force.

==Back Cover Text==
List all the text on the back cover.

==Comments / Trivia==
List dedication, color plates, rarity of the book, etc.

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==Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only==
'''Players should not read any further.'''

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