The Arkham Gazette, Issue 03


Magazine: The Arkham Gazette

Publisher: Sentinel Hill Press

Product Code: SHP-AG-3

Publishing Year: October, 2015

Pages: 120

Cover Price: $12 (PDF); $20 (POD)

Editor: Bret Kramer

Authors: Bret Kramer, L.T. Barker, Dan Harms, Tyler Hudak, Chris Huth, Graeme Price, Christopher Smith Adair

Artists: Trevor Henderson, Chris Huth, Ian Maclean, Dean Engelhardt (handouts)

Format: Softcover POD & PDF

ISSN: 2-370007-151660


  • New England's Witch Trials (Kramer)
  • Witchcraft in Lovecraft Country (Kramer)
  • Building a Better Witch (Hudak & Kramer)
  • Gods of the Witches (Kramer)
  • Rat-Things and Worse Horrors - Familiars and the Mythos (Huth & Kramer)
  • Marked by the Devil - Lessions in Lesions (Price)
  • Scenario Seed: The Dried Cat (Barker)
  • Of Evill Sorceries Done in New-England of Daemons in no Humane Shape (Kramer)
  • Touched by the Fairies (Adair)
  • Witches' Hollow (Kramer)
  • Annotated Scenario Bibliography - Witches and Witchcraft (Kramer)

Scenarios: The Queen of Night (Scenario) (Huth & Kramer)

Front Cover Text

Witches and Witchcraft

Back Cover Text

Advertisement for "The Unspeakable Oath"

Comments / Trivia

This third issue of the magazine was the first to be officially licensed by Chaosium and the first to be sold commercially (and also in print). Its production was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign run in December, 2014. As the result of stretch goals met during that campaign other previous issues will also be updated and made available as print-on-demand magazines.

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Aurora and Charcoal.



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