The Stars Are Right!

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This article is about the Call of Cthulhu supplement. For the board game, see The Stars Are Right



Handle differences between editions. This is the second edition.




Updated and expanded on the 1992 original with two additional scenarios: "Darkest Calling" and "The Source and the End".

The first "Darkest Calling" features a monsters of the author's own creation in the tale "Solvent Hunger", appearing in Issue 5 of "The Book of Dark Wisdom". This scenario was original going to be set in and around Darwin, Australia as per the story upon which it was based, but a limit on the word count required that it be adjusted and located in the US, thus more easily accessible to investigators (and less words required to "explain" Australia).

"The Source and the End" features a reference to Rudolph Pearson, an ongoing character featured in the author's own tales "Feasters of the Dark" and "Harami".